Audi A3 2014 MQB Mileage Correction With X300 DP PLUS ,Only one minute

2014 Audi A3 MQB mileage correction with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS via OBD step-by-step proceduce here:


Plug the VCI connector between the obd port and OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS 

Power on the X300.

The old mileage:48726 miles


2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-1

Select “Diag Program” option on the menu.

Select the “ClUSER Calibrate ” option

Select the Audi  and Enter to the lastest version “AUDI V31.74”

->tap “Enter”


2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-3

Initializing diagnostic date…

Wait three seconds…

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-4 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-5

Choose”A3″–>”MQB 2014.06-” then tap Enter

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-6 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-7

“Only MQB dashboard of continental and VDO supported”–>tap “Enter”

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-8

“Switch ignition on”–>”mileage adjustment” tap enter

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-9 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-10

The current mileage of 48728 KM,Tap “Yes” to continue

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-11


Please input the mileage of the adjustmet ,like:5000
2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-12 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-13 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-14

Tap”Enter” then wait few second

2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-15 2014 Audi-A3-milege-change-with-x300-dp-plus-16

Adjustmet success!!!