Audi a3 series read and write mileage using OBDSTAR odomaster or x300m?

odomaster supports a partial MQB with VDO or continental instrument type, not all of them are supported.

For Audi A3, it covers:
MQB 2012-2014.06

This time choose Audi a3 2014 for Read and Write mileage.

Audi A3 mileage programmer to use:

1. obdstar x300m: Failed
Test result: Tool reads correctly the mileage put the new which I want dash goes off and when bar is finished program said that this version is not supported.


2. obdstar odomaster: Working

Note: Not all models need to be connected to the Internet when programming mileage, only when the obdstar odomaster prompts that it needs to be connected to the Internet.

Online software is safer;
Non-online software, such as the software placed on the handheld, was quickly cracked.

Audi a3 series read and write mileage by obdstar odomaster

Overall, OBDSTAR odomaster is much more better with online options.
X300m with low database and without online function.


Good sources of OBDSTAR products: