How and what for BMW GT F07. 2009 mileage change?

Have BMW GT F07. 2009, CAS 4 to change mileage, use obdstar 300m? VVDI Pro + Special programmer? BMW explorer? and how to do? read this article.


Car model: BMW GT F07. 2009, CAS 4


Purpose: change mileage in this car


BMW CAS4 key programmer options:

  1. obdstar 300m: NO BMW on list


  1. VVDI Pro + Special programmer:


If to do all correct, with vvdi Pro this job 100% safe for you!

For cas4, the mileage value is in the chip, you can use VVDI Pro to read out the chip data. Then you can modify the data or use a special programmer.



cas4: program with special tool (use search on google or forum) or put canfilter if you want to go the easy/safe way.
dash eeprom: need special programmer, or replace eeprom.

then remove dtc, and keep in mind mileage is also in other modules (use bmwcleaner for this job, but is not cheap)


  1. BMW explorer

About safe job!
Other modules with explorer 50/50 and 0,01% after try same ecu is crap or death.
So……it’s not safe tool for this job!