Can Foxwell NT650 Elite adjust the odometer?

I have always had a misunderstanding that the odometer/mileage function in the function list of Foxwell devices can read and write the odometer value. But when I chatted with Foxwell technicians last week, I realized that I was wrong.

Me: Give me a list of cars supported by Foxwell NT650 Elite‘s mileage adjustment function.

Foxwell technician: Ok…what? NT650 Elite cannot adjust mileage.

Me: Why? Your function list says “Odometer / Mileage Function“.

Foxwell technician: No, balabala…


Finally, I understand: Foxwell NT650 Elite Odometer / Mileage Function is not to read and write odometer value. This function allows the car to recognize the new dashboard after replacing the old one (because the old one is damaged), that is to initialize Odometer Instrument Cluster (reboot instrument cluster parameters after replacing new instrument panel). So far, it covers Infiniti, Nissan, Opel, Vauxhall etc.


As you can see in the following image, Foxwell NT650 Elite covers 25 special functions and “Odometer” is listed in middle.
initialize Odometer Instrument Cluster

In order to help all you understand this feature “initialize Odometer Instrument Cluster”, engineer took a set of photos and a video:
initialize Odometer Instrument Cluster

Some embarrassing mistakes, here I am correcting.