Change Milleage VW Touran 2 using obdstar H110 successfully

Have VW Touran 2 year 2017 to change mileage, tested dp3 failed with no joy. DP4 is too expensive. Finally, try obdstar H110 successfully.


obdstar H110 read the correct mileage and I inputted the new in k/ms
it said wait 25minutes on the screen on the 110.

seemed to do nothing for about 5 minutes then the a bar started to work it way very slowly along the bottom.

after about 25 minutes the mileage changed correctly and I was happy .vehicle started no problems.

I had v/w service it a week later and everything was fine guess we don’t look at ecus etc on service.

must say was butt cleanching for 25 mins till it worked.


Here is the small obdstar H110



And tested more successfully:

Skoda Fabia 12/2016 Mileage change works.

VW Sharan 2015 km change ok

Т5 – 2014. Ok
Т6 – 2017. Ok
Fabia MQB 1016. Ok
Golf 2015 1.4. MQB Ok


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