How To Change Toyota Avensis Denco 93c46 KM By iProg+ V76

Tutorial:How to do read and write dashborad mileage  on Toyota Avensis Denco 93c46

Tool used:V76 iProg+ Programmer 


At first, you are required to install 7zip to extract the folder, next is to update the driver software, only after that can I go to V76 iProg+ menu option.

BTW, I have windows 7 32bit.

This is the video on youtube about how to install iProg+ V76:

Right click on “7z1900-32bit” to install.

iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-01 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-02

Copy ” iProg+_2019_00001″ and paste it on the desktop.

Right click on ” iProg+_2019_00001″, choose “7-zip” to unzip.



It pops up “Device (iProg+) driver software was not successfully installed”.

Right click on “Computer” -> “Manage” -> “Device Manager”, right click on “iProg universal programmer” then choose “Update Driver software”, select the second option.

iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-04 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-05 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-06 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-07 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-08 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-09


Find out “Dashboard”, click on it and you will see the car list.

iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-10 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-11


Click on “Toyota”, then ” Avensis Denco 93c46.ipr”.

iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-12 iprog-v76-read-write-km-on-toyota-avensis-13


Read old KM 1270KM.



Write new KM 815210.





Thumb up to V76 iProg+ Programmer.