Digimaster 3 mileage programming feedback: Yes & No

Put together newest Digimaster 3 mileage programming feedback: success list & failure.


Part 1: Digimaster 3 mileage programming success list:


2017 Toyota rav4: OK

Not via OBD. you have to remove the dashboard, if the chip is 8 pin, please weld it on the OBP adapter, if the chip is CPU, please wire to read. Digimaster 3 can’t program mileage for all Japanese cars and Korean cars via OBD.


2015 Alfa Giulietta: OK (need to remove the dashboard)
2006 Ferrari 430: OK(need to remove the dashboard)


2010 Maserati Quottropotte: OK(need to remove the dashboard)


Renault kangoo 2014: OK


Peugeot Expert 2018 : OK


MB sprinter: OK


Correct PSA BSI mileages on 2013 Peugeot partner


2017 Nissan rogue: OK


2017 Toyota rav4: OK


Ford transit before 2014 : OK (not via OBD)

2009-2019 Nissan Altima: OK


2007-2013 BMW X5: ok


BMW X5 2019 (BMW G series): no need digimaster 3.  

BMW X5 2019 is G chassis, which only need one Yanhua YH35XX programmer + Simulator as well as can filter.

Note: once the Simulator and can filter are installed on the BMW car, you are disallowed to remove them.

If you remove any one of them, the mileage value will restore.

Yanhua Yh35xx Programmer Simulator 01

Image 1: Yanhua YH35XX simulator

Bmw G Series Prorgrammer 02

Image 2: Yanhua YH35XX programmer

Can Filter 03

Image 3: can filter


2018-2019 Camry: ok

The D3 screen will only display some chip types, the Yanhua chief engineer replied, as long as my Camry is 8-pin CPU, it will be supported.


2012-2019 Toyota Hi Lux: OK

As long as the dashboard is 93C66, digimaster 3 will support it, us usually Toyota Hilux before 2018 is 93c66, also you can dismantle the dashboard to confirm that.

D3 Toyota Hi Lux 04


Mileage correction on a Hyundai Ix35  2015 with a Fujitsu MB91F047 processor : OK


Digimaster 3 can program mileage on these cars about 2016 year:

vag Citroen Peugeot Renault Suzuki fiat open ford en Mercedes


When I want to read immo code for these cars:

Skoda, Gol, Golf, Touareg, Polo, Passat, Jetta, Bora. They are in the folder of “VW Audi” (Shown as below).

D3 Vw Audi 05

Digimaster 3 mileage programming failure list:


2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee: failed (the CPU is encrypted and can’t be read)


2019 Lincoln Nautilus (reserve) and an Infiniti Qx60 (AWD): failed


2019 Toyota Camry; 2019 Dodge Durango: failed


2017 Porsche Macan: failed


2019 Benz C class: failed


MB Vito 2017 or 2018: failed


VW crafter 2016: failed


Digimaster 3 update:

The method to update digimaster 3: directly plug the network cable to update, no need driver.
Cheap Digimaster 3 mileage programming:

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