How to adjust mileage for Lexus RX270 2015 with Digimaster3?

Purpose:Do odometer adjustment for on a Lexus RX270 year 2015

Device: YH Digimaster 3 odometer correction Master

Dashboard type: 83800-60S50

CPU: 93A86



Step 1:

Disassemble dashboard

digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-1 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-2 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-3 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-4 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-5

Step 2: Correct Mileage

Disassemble the back of the instrument


Find out IC chip 93A86 on CPU, solder it to Digimaster 3’s adapter with hot air gun


digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-7 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-8 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-9


Open Digimaster3 software, select Dash Programmer->Lexus->RX270-> Chip type 93A86

digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-10 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-12


Check chip connection, then connect adapter with digimaster 3 main unit


Digimaster 3 read current mileage 115347 KM, if correct, press YES to save original mileage data

digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-14 digimaster-3-lexus-lx570-15


Enter new mileage you desired


Press OK to confirm


Odometer correction is done!