Solved! Digiprog3 on toyota MR2 MK3 “chip not found”

Topic:  Digiprog III  problem on a Toyota mr2 mk3 “chip not found”

Question 1: When I try to connect my c46 plug which the Digiprog 3  says I’m supposed to use to adjust the milage (the old one broke and I got a new one that has a lot higher mileage than the original odometer), I get the message “chip not found” error…does anybody know why?


Two things:-

1. make sure you are putting your c46 cable on the right chip (93C46).
2. Make sure you’re putting the cable on the right way round, the chip normally has a marking where PIN 1 is located, this should be connected to the cable with PIN 1 touching the PIN with the red wire on your cable.

Question 2: 

Tried to connect it the two ways it can be connected.. still nothing, this is btw the cable I got told to use.

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Short the cristol and try it.


It works now, i started looking more carefully on the adapter itself.. which had plastic residue on the clip so it wouldn`t grip the chip enough to make full contact!

Credit to nemesis988 and Fraz from, thanks!

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