E71 2008 BMW X6 mileage programmer reviews: R270, Xhorse VVDI etc

Car model and year: E71 2008 BMW X6


Purpose: do cas+dash, that is to erase and write mileage.


Question: do I need to buy new eeprom to write?


Comments and suggestions:


R270 reviews:

  1. For dash safe job only desolder eeprom and if R270 clon ,it’s can’t rewrite protected eeprom only with new one eep job done.
    And with clon R270 you have risk 99,9% kill flash in cas.


  1. I did a few x6 with nothing more than a R270 and it had no issues erasing the epprom and doing the cas3 . The last one I did was a 2013 and the one before that was a 2008 ,reused the same 080dowq eeprom and had no issues at all. The needles are very easy ,just mark where they sit and pull them strait out and install back in same position .


  1. Good quality R270 erases inc area in 080 eep… Does not in 35080 v6 and vp… Also cas is safe as long as you do not lenght clk and clk gnd.


TL866 reviews:

Question: I can try with same chip after i read if i buy replacement. But also, if i buy new chip can’t i just read eeprom with my TL866 and write to new chip? Because i think TL866 is better quality then R270 clone, or is there something special with bmw eeprom?



  1. Tl866 or Minipro (the same shit) doesn’t write 35080, however that programmer is very good to read flash memories as 29F200/F400.


  1. If you want future work with this type dash bay just right programmer for work with M35080/M35080V6/35080VP/M35080 (3,6)/080D0WQ and forget replace with new one this type eep .


Xhorse VVDI2 reviews:

Xhorse VVDI2 is one from best , for cas1,2,3,4 and M35080/M35080V6/35080VP/M35080 (3,6)/080D0WQ, it is very good. Please note: it needs to dismantle the dash.