Ford KM Tool CAN BUS V2.0 free download

Xhorse KM Tool For Ford CAN BUS V2.0 Update Online Fix Bugs of Accessing ECU with MONDEO 2008-, SMAX DIAG and GALAXY 2006.


Newest Software: V2.0
Language: English
Operating System: Windows XP

Free download:
Ford km tool can bus

Ford km tool can bus

Ford km
(Note:Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software)

Ford km tool can bus user manual

Ford KM Tool(CAN BUS) includes 3 parts
OBDII device: it should connect car and computer

Sense dongle: it must connect to computer while the software is running

Software: First choose car type, then you can use Read KM to get the old KM. Also you can use Write KM to change KM in car.

Read KM: Read KM from car
Write KM: Write new KM into car.
About…: The support instrument dash num, device info, newest version, update etc. All info can be get from here.

Q1: How can I update it?
A1: after you buy it, in its software, you will see “about”, press it, it has update button. It can be update on internet.

Q2: Can your ford km tool do all ford car from 1998-2010?
A2: No ,it can not do all car, it can do most ford car, also, It can not do FORD truck.

Q3: “Device not Connected” Error, how to do?
A3: Reason: Hardware not connected to pc with USB Port, please Plug Device to USB Solution.

Q4: GALAXY 12/2006 -not connect ,It only works for galaxy after 2006. It change mileage on dashboard, not on ECU.
A4: that’s For mondeo, smax, galaxy cars. you need to change the PIN connect manually:
The rule is:
Ford KM Tool ————> Car
PIN 6 (High) ————> PIN 3 (High)
PIN 14 (LOW) ————> PIN 11 (LOW)
PIN 4 (GND) ————> PIN 4 (GND)
PIN 5 (GND) ————> PIN 5 (GND)
PIN 16 (ACC) ————> PIN 16 (ACC)
Pay attention to the car OBD, it’s opposite of our device.