How about Yanhua Digimaster 3 mileage correction? 11.11 sale

In the previous blog, I recommended Yanhua for mileage correction (see here: Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW Mileage Correction Any Good?). At that time, I recommended Yanhua ACDP series products.


Some users asked: What’s all your thoughts on the Digimaster iii d3 original for mileage correction, it is also a Yanhua brand product.
It’s between Digimaster 3 original and obdstar odomaster. Unless you got any to throw in the choice. Don’t know which to buy. Need to cover old and new.
I’ve heard obdprog 500m, But I’ve heard the updates are few and far between.

Yanhua Digimaster 3


Quote some experienced users’ point of view:

Digimaster iii d3 original is a good tool but it’s not for beginners, you have to be very handy and technical to use it, I had to make a lot of connecters for it…


For the price, it’s worth it.

It do a lot of new cars, it’s worth getting, if U want something better than that you have to spend over 7k.


They update it every few months, they always add new cars to the list.


But you will also need one of them obd tools, like obdstar x300m, it’s around $200 or the new version of it odomaster, and a cheap Digiprog 3.