How to change Isuzu D-Max odometer via Digiprog3(Picture)

Digiprog3  is a professional odometer correction tool.Here we shares a customer use  V4.94 Digiprog III successfully programmed his Isuzu D-MAX odometer ,Below are some pictures he shared us about how he did the job:

digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-6_meitu_6 digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-1-768x432 digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-2_meitu_2 digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-3_meitu_3 digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-4_meitu_4 digiprog-3-change-isuzu-mileage-5_meitu_5

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