Mercedes W212 2012 Correct Mileage To EIS With CGDI MB

I have a Mercedes w212 year 2012, need to correct mileage to EIS with CGDI MB, can anybody explain me how to correct mileage to EIS?


How to do:

Just backup the data, and follow the on-screen instruction to do.


Quick “How-to” guide:

  1. Click on “Read Mileage” to obtain the dashboard number, mileage value, gateway number, EIS mileage.


  1. The writing process may differ depends on different dashboard types, the writing process will change the mileage value.


  1. When it comes to writing gateway blocking appliances, Be sure to backup the flash and EE of the gateway first.


  1. Make sure the computer and car is working when writing the gateway blocking appliance. It is recommended that the car be powered separately.


  1. If the operation is interrupted, please power off the car or gateway.


  1. Mileage repair is only used for testing and repair of the car, please follow local laws.



To use CGDI MB to reset Mercedes w212 2012 mileage, you need extra Mileage Correction and Gateway Authorization.

  1. Charge 40EUR
  2. Free: if you have CGDI BMWor CG Pro 9S12.


Look at the software image:

Cgdi Mb Mileage Authorization 01


And CGDI MB package: