OBDSTAR ODO MASTER car list and price: up to 2018 2019 year

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This article is available with OBDSTAR ODO MASTER (X300M+) odometer correction tool car list and price. Lots images will be attached, such as OBDSTAR ODO MASTER correct mileage on Ford /Lincoln (Up to 2019 year) / on Chrysler (Up to 2018 – ) / on GM (Up to 2018 – ) etc.


Generally speaking, OBDSTAR ODO MASTER car list = OBDSTAR x300 dp plus car list (only for odometer correction).

OBDSTAR ODO MASTER price: 755 only

 For this price, it is actually not expensive, because this machine will enjoy one-year free update online, which is as the same as obdstar dp plus.

Browse official site http://www.obdstar.com/

Click on “Carlist”, then “Function List”, then “Odometer Mileage”, then any car model you want to do.



As you can see, OBDSTAR ODO MASTER can work with these car makes:

AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT V31.97,BENTLEY,Benz,Chrysler,Citroen,Ford /Lincoln,GM,Porsche,Peugeot,Alfa Romeo,BMW /Mini,Fiat / Lancia,Volvo,Toyota,Suzuki,Hyundai /Kia,,MASERATI,Smart,LANDROVER/JAGUAR,Iveco,Renault,Nissan,Vauxhall,MITSUBISHI,BESTURN,GEELY,GREATWALL,Infiniti,MAZDA,MG,PROTON,ROEWE,SSANGYONG,SUBARU,SUZUKI

OBDSTAR Odo Master mileage programmer Car list ,pls Press “ctrl+F” to check your car

Brand Model Year Dash board type/BSI
Alfa Romeo 147 93C86
Alfa Romeo 147 NEC
Alfa Romeo 159 VDO
Alfa Romeo Brera 93C86 VDO
Audi A1 NEC+24C64
Audi A3 2003-2006
Audi A3 2007-2010
Audi A3 MQB 2012-2014.06
Audi A3 MQB 2014.06-
Audi A4 RB4 2002-2005
Audi A4 RB4 2006-2007
Audi A4L 2008-2012
Audi A4L 2013-
Audi A5 2008-2012
Audi A5 2013-
Audi A6 1998-2004
Audi A6L 2004-2008
Audi A6L 2009-2012
Audi A6L 2012-
Audi A7 2010-
Audi A8L 2003-2006
Audi A8L 2007-2010
Audi A8L 2010-
Audi Q2 MQB 2014.06-
Audi Q3 NEC+24C64
Audi Q5 2008-2012
Audi Q5 2013-
Audi Q7 2006-2008
Audi Q7 2009-
Audi R8 R8 2007-
Audi S5 2008-2012
Audi S5 2013-
Audi S8 2007-2011
Audi TT TT 2007-2010
Bentley Coninental -2007
Bentley Coninental 2008-
Bentley Mousse -2011
Bentley Mousse 2012-
Benz A Series W169
Benz A Series W176
Benz B Series W245
Benz B Series W246
Benz C Series W203
Benz C Series W204
Benz C Series W205
Benz CLA Series W117
Benz CLK Series C2079E-Coupe)
Benz CLK Series W209
Benz CLS Series W218(2011-)
Benz E Series A201(E-Cabrio)
Benz E Series W211
Benz E Series W212
Benz G Series W463
Benz GL Series X164
Benz GLK Series X204
Benz ML Series W164
Benz ML Series W166
Benz R Series W251
Benz S Series W221
Benz S Series W222
Benz S Series C216
Benz SL Series R231
Benz SLC Series R197
Benz SLK Series R171
Benz SLK Series R172
Besturn Old Besturn
Chrysler 1500 2002-2005
Chrysler 1500 2000-2001
Chrysler 200 2015
Chrysler 200 2010-
Chrysler 2500 2003-2005
Chrysler 300 2015-
Chrysler 300C 2018-
Chrysler 300C 2015 D70F3525
Chrysler 300C 2011-
Chrysler 300C -2010
Chrysler 300M 2001-2004
Chrysler 300M 1998-2000
Chrysler 3500 2003-2005
Chrysler Aspen 2006-
Chrysler Avenger 2010-
Chrysler Avenger 2007-2009
Chrysler Caliber 2009-
Chrysler Caliber 2006-2008
Chrysler Caravan 2012-
Chrysler Caravan 2011
Chrysler Caravan 2008-2010
Chrysler Caravan 2001-2007
Chrysler Charger 2018-
Chrysler Charger 2016-
Chrysler Charger 2015 D70F3525
Chrysler Charger 2011-
Chrysler Charger 2004-
Chrysler Cherokee 2018-
Chrysler Cherokee 2015
Chrysler Commander 2018
Chrysler Commander 2017
Chrysler Commander 2005-
Chrysler Compass 2018-
Chrysler Compass 2018
Chrysler Compass 2008-
Chrysler Compass 2005-2007
Chrysler Concord 2001-2004
Chrysler Concord 1998-2000
Chrysler Dakota 2004-
Chrysler Dakota 2001-2003
Chrysler Dart 2012-
Chrysler Durango 2018-
Chrysler Durango 2014-
Chrysler Durango 2011-
Chrysler Durango 2007-2010
Chrysler Durango 2004-2006
Chrysler Durango 2001-2003
Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2018-
Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2014-
Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2011-
Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2005-2010
Chrysler Grand Cherokee 2002-2004
Chrysler Chanllenger 2018-
Chrysler Chanllenger 2015 D70F3525
Chrysler Interepid 2001-2004
Chrysler Interepid 1998-2000
Chrysler Journey 2011-2012
Chrysler Journey 2008-
Chrysler LHS 2001-2004
Chrysler LHS 1998-2000
Chrysler Liberty 2008-
Chrysler Liberty 2002-2007
Chrysler Magnum 2004-
Chrysler Neon 2001-
Chrysler Neon 1999-2001
Chrysler New Sebring 2007-
Chrysler New Sebring 2001-2006
Chrysler Nitro 2006-
Chrysler Pacifica 2018-
Chrysler Pacifica 2017-
Chrysler Pacifica 2007-
Chrysler Pacifica 2003-2006
Chrysler Patriot 2014-
Chrysler Patriot 2006-
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2006-
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2002-2005
Chrysler PT Cruiser 999-2001
Chrysler Ram 2018-
Chrysler Ram 2013-
Chrysler Ram 2011-
Chrysler Ram 2009-
Chrysler Ram 2006-2008
Chrysler Ram-700 2015
Chrysler Renegade 2018-
Chrysler Sebring 2010-
Chrysler Sebring 2007-2009
Chrysler Sebring 2001-2006
Chrysler SRI SRI-6 2010-
Chrysler SRI SRI-5 2005-
Chrysler SRI SRI-4 2005-
Chrysler SRI SRI-3 2005-
Chrysler SX SX-2.0 2001-
Chrysler TJ/JY/CJ 2007
Chrysler TJ/JY/CJ 2003-2005
Chrysler Voyager 2015-
Chrysler Voyager 2008
Chrysler Voyager 2001-2007
Chrysler Wrangler 2007-
Chrysler Wrangler 2003-2005
Citroen Dashboard C3 2009
Citroen Dashboard C3-XR
Citroen Dashboard C4 2010-
Citroen Dashboard C4L
Citroen Dashboard C4 Castus Mono 2014-
Citroen Dashboard C4 Picasso TFT 2014-
Citroen Dashboard C4 Picasso Mono 2014-
Citroen Dashboard C-Elysee
Citroen Dashboard DS3
Citroen Dashboard DS4
Citroen Dashboard DS5
Citroen Dashboard Jumper 2015
Citroen BSI Continental SC667050+95256 CAN(BSI-Q0X-00)
Citroen BSI JC easy CAN4F1M-32+95128 CAN(BSI04EV-K0X)
Citroen BSI JC easy Can4+29LV400BB+95128 CAN
Citroen BSI JC SPC560b60+95128 can(bsi04ev2-kex)
Citroen BSI SIEMENS 1L00M=95128/95256 CAN (BSI-S0X)
Citroen BSI SIEMENS D76F0018=95160 KLINE(BSI-E0X/BSI-F0X)
Citroen BSI VALEO SC667152+95256 CAN(BSI-N0X)
Citroen BSI VALEO 2M48H=24C128 CAN(BSIEV-X0X-00)
Citroen BSI VALEO 4L00M+95128/25128 CAN(BSI2004-P0X-00)
Farrari 458 Italy
Farrari 458 special 2014-
Farrari 488 GTB 2014-
Farrari California
Farrari California T 2014-
Farrari La Ferrari 2014-
Fiat 500 500
Fiat 500 500L
Fiat 500 500 TFT
Fiat 500 500X
Fiat 500 500X TFT
Fiat Albea 95040
Fiat Brava 95040
Fiat Bravo 95040
Fiat Croma 95040
Fiat Doblo 95040
Fiat Doblo 2015
Fiat Doblo 2011
Fiat Ducato 95040
Fiat Ducato 2015
Fiat Ducato 2006-
Fiat Ducato 2011-
Fiat Fiorino
Fiat Freemont 2012
Fiat Grande Punto
Fiat Idea 95040
Fiat Linea 95040
Fiat Marelli
Fiat Mobi 2018
Fiat Palio 95040
Fiat Palio MM95160
Fiat Palio VDO
Fiat Panda 95040
Fiat Panda 2012
Fiat Punto 95040
Fiat Punto 2015 95160
Fiat Punto EVO
Fiat Qubo
Fiat Siena VDO
Fiat Stilo
Fiat Strada VDO
Fiat Talento 2017-
Fiat Talento 2016-
Fiat Toro 2017-
Fiat Toro 2016-
Fiat Uno way VDO
Fiat Uno way 2015 MM
Ford 500
Ford Crown Victoria 2005-
Ford C-max 2016
Ford C-max 2012
Ford C-max 2011 NEC 70F3425
Ford C-max 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford E250 2008-2009
Ford E350 2008-2009
Ford E450 2008-2009
Ford Ecosport 2017-
Ford Ecosport 2013-
Ford Edge 2016-
Ford Edge 2015-
Ford Edge -2015
Ford Edge 2011 D70F3423
Ford Edge Hybrid 2012
Ford Endeavour 2015
Ford Escape 2013
Ford Escape 2008-2012
Ford Expedition 2017
Ford Expedition 2011
Ford Expedition 2007-2010
Ford Explore 2016 Platinum edition
Ford Explore 2016
Ford Explore 2015-
Ford Explore 2007-2010
Ford Explore 2004
Ford F150 2017 SPC5645(24C32)
Ford F150 2015-
Ford F150 2013 SPC5604
Ford F150 2006-2007
Ford F250 2018
Ford F250 2017
Ford F250 2006-2007
Ford F350 2018
Ford F350 2006-2007
Ford F450 2018
Ford F450 2006-2007
Ford F500 2006-2007
Ford F550 2018
Ford F550 2006-2008
Ford Fiesta 2017-
Ford Fiesta 2013-
Ford Fiesta -2012
Ford FIGO/Aspire 2016-2018
Ford Flex 2008-2012
Ford Focus 2019
Ford Focus 2013-
Ford Focus 2011 NEC 70F3425
Ford Focus 2009 Multifuntional screen
Ford Focus 2005-2008
Ford Freestar 2006-
Ford Freestyle SPC56XX
Ford Freestyle 2005-
Ford Fusion 2017
Ford Fusion 2016
Ford Fusion 2015
Ford Fusion 2013
Ford Fusion Hybrid 2017
Ford KA 2018-
Ford KA 2017- R5F10
Ford KA 2016- R5F10
Ford KA 2015-
Ford Kuga 2013-
Ford Kuga 2013
Ford Kuga 2012-
Ford Kuga 2012
Ford Kuga 2010
Ford Merc Mariner 2008-
Ford Mustang 2015-
Ford Mustang 2013 SPC5606
Ford Mondeo 2016 SPC5604
Ford Mondeo 2015
Ford Mondeo 2011-2013
Ford Mondeo 2007-2010
Ford Navigator 2017
Ford Navigator 2011
Ford Navigator 2007-2010
Ford New Mondeo Small Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Big Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Double Color Meter
Ford New Mondeo Monochrome Screen Meter
Ford New Mondeo 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford New Mondeo 2015- SPC5645+93C86
Ford New Mondeo 2015- SPC5645+24C32 Visteon
Ford Police Interceptor 2016
Ford Ranger 2017 SC667351+93C86
Ford Ranger 2016- SPC5606
Ford Ranger 2015- SPC5645S+93C86
Ford Ranger 2013 SPC560
Ford Ranger 24C16
Ford S-max Monochrome Screen Meter
Ford S-max 2 pointer Color meter (MAC7116+24C16)
Ford S-max 2007-2010 4 point Color Meter
Ford Town Car 2005
Ford Taurus 2015-
Ford Taurus 2008-2009
Ford Taurus 2004
Ford Tourneo Courier 2014- 9S12XEQ384
Ford Transit 2013 NEC 70F3425
Ford Transit 2012 24C32
Ford Transit Courier 2014- 9S12XEQ384
Ford Transit Custom 2018-
Ford Transit Connect 2017-
Geely GC9
Geely GS DF0F3529
Geely GL
Geely GX7
Geely GX9
Geely SX11
Geely SX11 2018
Buick Allure 2005-2009
Buick Century
Buick Enclave 2007-
Buick Encore 2017-
Buick Encore -2016
Buick Envision 2017-
Buick Envision -2016
Buick Excelle
Buick GL8 New GL8
Buick GL8 Old GL8
Buick Firstland 2011
Buick Landcross 2017-
Buick Landcross 2007-
Buick Landcross -2007
Buick Lucerne 2007-
Buick Regal 2017-
Buick Regal 2007-
Buick Regal -2007
Buick Rendezvous 2000-
Buick Velite 5
Buick Verano 2013
Buick Verano 2017-
Cadillac ATS 2017-
Cadillac ATS 2013-
Cadillac ATSL 2017-
Cadillac CT6 2017-
Cadillac CT6 2016
Cadillac DTS 2007
Cadillac Escalade 2018-
Cadillac Escalade 2015-
Cadillac Escalade 2007-
Cadillac Escalade 2003-2006
Cadillac Escalade -2002
Cadillac SRX
Cadillac STX 2007-
Cadillac XT4 2017-
Cadillac XT6 2019
Cadillac XT5 2017-
Cadillac XTS 2018-
Cadillac XTS 2013-
Cheverolet Alero 1998-
Cheverolet Alpheon 2010
Cheverolet Astro 2001-
Cheverolet Avalanche 2014-
Cheverolet Avalanche 2007-
Cheverolet Avalanche 2003-2006
Cheverolet Avalanche -2002
Cheverolet Aveo
Cheverolet Aveo 2011
Cheverolet Blazer 1998
Cheverolet Blazer 1997-1998
Cheverolet Camaro 2019 24C32
Cheverolet Camaro 2010-
Cheverolet Camaro 1999-
Cheverolet Captiva
Cheverolet Cavalier 2001-2005
Cheverolet Cobalt 2012
Cheverolet Cobalt 2008-
Cheverolet Cobalt 2005-2007
Cheverolet Colorado 2005-
Cheverolet Colorado Hour 2017-
Cheverolet Corvette 2017-
Cheverolet Corvette 2013-
Cheverolet Corvette 2010-
Cheverolet Corvette 1999-2004
Cheverolet Corvette Grand Sport 2017-
Cheverolet Cruze 2017-
Cheverolet Cruze 2010-
Cheverolet Equinox 2010-
Cheverolet Equinox 2007-2009
Cheverolet Equinox 2005-2006
Cheverolet Express 2008-
Cheverolet Express 2003-2007
Cheverolet Express Cutaway 2008-
Cheverolet Grand AM 1998-
Cheverolet HHR 2008-
Cheverolet HHR 2005-2007
Cheverolet Hornet 2017-
Cheverolet Hornet -2016
Cheverolet Impala 2006-
Cheverolet Impala 2000-2005
Cheverolet Imtrigue 1998-
Cheverolet Lacetti 2010
Cheverolet Malibu 2017-
Cheverolet Malibu 2010-
Cheverolet Malibu 2008-
Cheverolet Malibu 2004-2007
Cheverolet Malibu XL 2017-
Cheverolet Montana 2006-
Cheverolet Montana 2000-2005
Cheverolet Monte Carlo 2006-
Cheverolet Monte Carlo 2000-2005
Cheverolet Onix 2012
Cheverolet Orlando 2012
Cheverolet Prisma 2012
Cheverolet S10 2012
Cheverolet S10 1998-
Cheverolet S10 1997-1998
Cheverolet Silverado 2017-
Cheverolet Silverado 2014-2016
Cheverolet Silverado 2007-
Cheverolet Silverado 2003-2006
Cheverolet Silverado 1997-2001
Cheverolet Sonic
Cheverolet Sonic 2012
Cheverolet Spark 2014
Cheverolet Spin 2012
Cheverolet Suburban 2017-
Cheverolet Suburban 2014-2016
Cheverolet Suburban 2007-
Cheverolet Suburban 2003-2006
Cheverolet Suburban 1998-2002
Cheverolet Tahoe 2017-
Cheverolet Tahoe 2014-2016
Cheverolet Tahoe 2007-
Cheverolet Tahoe 2003-2006
Cheverolet Tahoe 2000-2002
Cheverolet Trax
Cheverolet Traiblazer
Cheverolet Uplander 2005-2009
Cheverolet Vectra
Cheverolet Venture 2000-
Cheverolet Volt 2012
GMC Acadia 2007-2009
GMC Canyon 2005
GMC Denali 2007-
GMC Denali 2003-2006
GMC Denali 2000-2002
GMC Envoy
GMC Safari 2001-
GMC Savana 2008-
GMC Savana 2003-2007
GMC Sierra 2017-
GMC Sierra 2015-
GMC Sierra 2014
GMC Sierra 2007-
GMC Sierra 2003-2006
GMC Sierra 1999-2001
GMC Sonoma 1998-
GMC Sonoma 1997-1998
GMC Terrain 2010-
GMC Yukon 2017-
GMC Yukon 2014-
GMC Yukon 2007-
GMC Yukon 2003-2006
GMC Yukon 2000-2002
Hummer H2 2007-
Hummer H2 2003-2006
Hummer H3 2005
Oldsmonile Alero 1998-
Oldsmonile Aurora 2001-
Oldsmonile Bravada
Oldsmonile Intrigue 1998-
Oldsmonile Oldsmobile 1998-
Oldsmonile Silhouette 2000-
Pontiac Aztek 2000-
Pontiac Boneville 2001-
Pontiac Firebird 1999-
Pontiac G5 2008-
Pontiac G5 2004-2007
Pontiac G6 2008-
Pontiac G6 2004-2007
Pontiac Grand Am 1998-
Pontiac Grand Prix 2001-2003
Pontiac pursuit 2008-
Pontiac pursuit 2005-2007
Pontiac Solstice
Pontiac Sunfire 2001-2005
Pontiac Torrent 2007-2006
Saturn Outlook 2007-
Saturn Saturn 908 2001-
Saturn Relay 2005-
Saturn Vue
Greatwall H6
Greatwall H8
Greatwall H9
Hyundai Accent Type-1 24C16
Hyundai Accent Type-2 D70F3536
Hyundai Accent Type-3
Hyundai Avante 2011-
Hyundai Avante MB91F061BS
Hyundai Azera DF0F3423
Hyundai Azera D70F35XX
Hyundai Azera R7F70140X
Hyundai Creta D70F3536
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Elantra 2011-
Hyundai Elantra D70F3536
Hyundai Elantra MB91F061BS
Hyundai Genesis 2015
Hyundai Genesis D70F3421
Hyundai Genesis D70F3536
Hyundai Gets 24C16
Hyundai HB20 D70F3421
Hyundai HB20 D70F3423
Hyundai I20 24C16
Hyundai I20 D70F3421
Hyundai I20 D70F3536
Hyundai I20 Elite
Hyundai I25 24C16
Hyundai I30 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai I40 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai IX20 D70F3421
Hyundai IX20 D70F3536
Hyundai IX35 2018-
Hyundai Kona 2018-
Hyundai Kona S&T Motiv
Hyundai Mistra
Hyundai Santa MB91F061BS
Hyundai Solaris D70F3536
Hyundai Solaris D70F3423
Hyundai Solaris D70F342X
Hyundai Solaris D70F353X
Hyundai Sonata9 D70F3526
Hyundai Sonata9 D70F3536
Hyundai Sonata9 MB91F062BS
Hyundai Tucson 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai Tucson 2016 D70F3536
Hyundai Tucson VDO D70F3536
Hyundai Verna 24C16
Hyundai Veloster 24C16
Hyundai Veloster D70F3421
Hyundai Veloster D70F3525
Hyundai Veracruz D70F3421
Infinite JX35 2012-
Infinite QX60 2013-
Iveco 2014-
Iveco 2011-
Iveco 2007-
Jaguar F Series
Jaguar XE Series 2016
Jaguar XE Series 2015
Jaguar XF Series 2015-
Jaguar XF Series 24C64
Jaguar XJ Series 2016
Jaguar XJ Series 2010-
Jaguar XK Series 24C64
Jaguar XKR 24C64
Kia Accent 2011-
Kia Carnival MB91F061BS
Kia Ceed 24C16
Kia Ceed D70F3XXX
Kia Ceed D70F3421
Kia Ceed D70F35XX
Kia Ceed NEC
Kia Ceed NEC+24C16
Kia Ceed D70F3423
Kia K2 MB91F061BS
Kia K4
Kia K5 24C16
Kia K5 D70F3423
Kia K5 D70F3536
Kia KX5 D70F3536
Kia Magentis 24C16
Kia Magentis D70F3421
Kia Magentis D70F35XX
Kia Magentis D70F353X
Kia Magentis NEC
Kia Magentis NEC+24C16
Kia Optima 24C16
Kia Optima D70F3421
Kia Optima D70F352X
Kia Optima D70F3536
Kia Optima D70F35XX
Kia Optima NEC
Kia Optima NEC+24C16
Kia Picanto MB91F061BS
Kia Rio 24C16
Kia Rio D70F3421
Kia Rio D70F3423
Kia Rio D70F35XX
Kia Rio NEC
Kia Sedona MB91F061BS
Kia Sorento 24C16
Kia Sorento D70F3423
Kia Sorento D70F3536
Kia Sorento D70F3526
Kia Sorento D70F35XX
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F3421
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F3423
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F353X
Kia Sorento MB91F061BS
Kia Sorento NEC
Kia Sorento NEC+24C16
Kia Soul 24C16
Kia Soul D70F3421
Kia Soul D70F3536
Kia Soul D70F35XX
Kia Soul NEC
Kia Sortage D70F3421
Kia Sortage D70F3536
Kia Sortage D70F35XX
Kia Sortage NEC
Kia Sortage NEC+24C16
Kia Sortage VDO D70F3421
Kia Sortage VDO D70F3426
Kia Sortage VDO R7F701411
Kia Sportage GT D70F3526+25160
Kia Sportage R 24C16
Kia Sportage R D70F3423
Kia Sportage R D70F3536
Kia Stinger 2017-
Kia Stinger VDO R7F7014XX
Kia Stonic 2017-
Kia Stonic VDO R7F7014XX
Lancia Delta 2008-
Lancia Lancia Y 93C66 VDC
Lancia Musa 2008-
Landrover Discovery 4 2015-
Landrover Discovery 4 2010-2014
Landrover Qevoque 2015-
Landrover Qevoque 2011-
Landrover Freelander 2013
Landrover Ranger Rover 2017 Full LCD
Landrover Ranger Rover 2015 Full LCD
Landrover Ranger Rover 2010-
Landrover Ranger Rover Sport 2017- Full LCD
Landrover Ranger Rover Sport 2017 Full LCD
Landrover Ranger Rover Sport 2016 with pointer
Landrover Ranger Rover Sport 2014
Landrover Ranger Rover Sport 2010
Landrover Velar 2018 24C64
Maserati Ghibli 95160
Maserati Ghibli 95320
Maserati Levante 95320
Maserati Quartoporte 95160
Mazda M6(Atenza)
Mazda M3
Mazda CX4
Mazda CX5
Mazda CX7 2010-
Mazda CX9
Mazda M2
Mazda M3
Mazda M5
Mazda M6 2014-
Mazda M6 2009-2013
Mazda M6 2005-2009
Mitsubishi Asx 70F35XX
Mitsubishi Asx MB91F223+93C86
Mitsubishi L200 2017-
Mitsubishi OutLander MB91F223+93C86
Mitsubishi Outlander III 70F3425 Color
Mitsubishi Outlander III 70F3425 Mono
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 70F35XX
Mitsubishi Raider 2005-
Nissan Altima
Nissan Kicks 2017-
Nissan Kicks 2016-
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Teana 2013
Opel Adam 2012
Opel Astra 2010
Opel Cascada 2013
Opel Combo 2015
Opel Combo 2011
Opel Corse E
Opel Insigina
Opel Insignia 2010
Opel Karl
Opel Mokka 2012
Opel Movano 3
Opel Vivaro 2
Opel Vivaro 93C76
Opel ZaFira C
Peugeot Boxer 2015
Peugeot 208
Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 301
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 308 2014-
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Porsche 911 2005-2010
Porsche 918 2015
Porsche Boxster 2005-2010
Porsche Cayenne 2010
Porsche Cayenne -2009
Porsche Cayman 2005-2010
Porsche Panamera 2010
Proton Previa 2012 24C16
Proton Preve 2012
Renault Captur 2017-
Renault Captur 2013-
Renault Clio 2017-
Renault Clio 2013-
Renault Koleos
Renault Trafic IV 2017-
Renault Trafic IV 2013-
Renault Twingo III
Roewe 750
Roewe 950
Seat Alhambra NEC+24C64
Seat Altea NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Seat Libza 2009 NEC+24C32 VDO
Seat Libza NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Seat Libza 2014.06- MQB
Seat Libza VDO KLINE
Seat Leon 2009-2010 NEC+24C32 VDO
Seat Leon NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Seat Leon 2012-2014.06 MQB
Seat Leon 2014.06- MQB
Seat Toledo 2014.06- MQB
Skoda Fabia VDO KLINE
Skoda Fabia 2007- NEC+24C32 VDO
Skoda Fabia NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Skoda Fabia 2013-2015 NEC35xx
Skoda Fabia 2014.06- MQB
Skoda Octavia -2006
Skoda Octavia 2007- CDC
Skoda Octavia 2009-2010 NEC+24C32 VDO
Skoda Octavia NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Skoda Octavia 2012-2014.06 MQB
Skoda Octavia 2014.06- MQB
Skoda Octavia VDO KLINE
Skoda Rapid 2013-2015 NEC35xx
Skoda Rapid 2014.06- MQB
Skoda Rapid VDO KLINE
Skoda Rapid Spaceback 2014-2015 NEC35xx
Skoda Rapid Spaceback VDO KLINE
Skoda Superb NEC+24C32 VDO
Skoda Superb NEC+24C64 VDO-12
Skoda Superb 2014.06- MQB
Skoda Superb VDO KLINE
Skoda Yeti NEC+24C64
Smart BR451
Smart BR453
Ssangyong Actyon 24C16
Ssangyong Actyon D70F342X
Ssangyong Actyon D70F352X
Ssangyong Actyon NEC
Ssangyong Korando NEC
Ssangyong Rexton R7F701412 VDO
Ssangyong Tivoli R7F70F353X
Subaru D70F3529
Suzuki Grand Vitara D70F3421
Suzuki Grand Vitara D70F3422
Suzuki Kizashi D70F3422
Suzuki XL7 2006-2010
Suzuki SX4 2013
Suzuki SWIFT D70F3421+24C16
Toyota Auris 2013
Toyota Auris 2015-2016
Toyota Avensis 2013
Toyota Avensis 2015-2016
Toyota Camry 2018 R7F701406 VDO
Toyota CH-R D70F35XX
Toyota CH-R D70F3535
Toyota Corolla 2013 NEC+24C16
Toyota Corolla 2014-2016
Toyota Proace BSI04
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Volvo S40 2007- 3L16Y
Volvo S50 2007- 3L16Y
Volvo S60 2000-2001 4F73K
Volvo S60 2001-2002 3K91D
Volvo S60 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo S60 2007-
Volvo S80 1999-2000 1H56A
Volvo S80 2000-2001 4F73K
Volvo S80 2001-2002 3K91D
Volvo S80 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo S80 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo S80 2010- 1M80F
Volvo V40 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo V40 2012- 1M80F 500K
Volvo V50 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo V50 2007- 3L16Y
Volvo V70 1999-2000 1H56A
Volvo V70 2000-2001 4f73K
Volvo V70 2001-2002 3K91D
Volvo V70 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo V70 2008- 1K78X
Volvo XC60 2007-
Volvo XC60 2012- 1M80F-500K
Volvo XC70 2001-2002 3K91D
Volvo XC70 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo XC70 2007-
Volvo XC70 2010- 1M80F
Volvo XC90 2001-2002 3K91D
Volvo XC90 2003-2007 0L85D
Volvo XC90 2008 1K78X
VW Amarok NEC+24C64
VW Bora 2013 JC
VW Bora 2009- NEC+34C32 VDO
VW Bora 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW Beetle NEC+95320 MM
VW Caddy NEC+24C64
VW Caddy 2008- CDC
VW CDC 2007-
VW Cross Lavida 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW EOS 2006-2007
VW EOS 2008- NEC+24C32
VW Gran Lavida 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW Gran Lavida VDO KLINE
VW Lavida NEC+24C08
VW Lavida NEC+24C32
VW Lavida NEC+24C64 VDO-12
VW Lavida NEC+95320 mm
VW Lavida 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW Magotan 2007-2010 CDC
VW Magotan NEC+24C64
VW Golf 2014.06- MQB
VW Golf 5 -2006
VW Golf 5 2007- CDC
VW Golf 7 NEC35XX( Four Generation)
VW Golf 7 2012-2014.06 MQB
VW Golf 7 2014.06- MQB
VW Golf 9S12XHZ512
VW Golf NEC+24C32
VW Golf NEC+24C64
VW Jetta 2013 JC
VW Jetta 9S12XHZ512
VW Jetta -2009 K LINE
VW Jetta 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW Jetta NEC+24C64
VW Passat NEC+24C32
VW Passat NEC+24C64
VW Passat 2014.06- B8
VW Phaeton 2003-2007
VW Phaeton 2008-
VW Polo 2010 NEC+24C32
VW Polo NEC+24C64 VDO-12
VW Polo NEC+95320 MM
VW Polo 2012-2015 NEC35XX
VW Polo 2014.06- MQB
VW Sagitar 2006
VW Sagitar 2007-2010 CDC
VW Sagitar NEC+24C64
VW Santana 2013-2015 NEC35XX
VW Scirocco 2008- CDC
VW Scirocco 2008- NEC+24C32
VW Scirocco NEC+24C64
VW Sharan NEC+24C64
VW T5 NEC+24C64
VW T6 NEC+24C64
VW Tiguan 2008- CDC
VW Tiguan 9S12XHZ512
VW Tiguan NEC+24C32
VW Tiguan NEC+24C64
VW Tiguan NEC+95320 MM
VW Tiguan 2014.06 MQB
VW Touareg 2003-2007
VW Touareg 2008-2010
VW Touareg 2010-
VW Touran 2006- CDC
VW Touran NEC+24C64
VW Touran 2014.06- MQB
VW Transporter NEC+24C32
VW Transporter NEC+24C64
VW Transporter VDO KLINE


Images mean a lot, here comes OBDSTAR ODO MASTER car list images:


obdstar-odo-master-car-list-02 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-03 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-04 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-05 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-06

Here OBDSTAR ODO MASTER correct mileage on Ford /Lincoln (Up to 2019 year):

Ford /Lincoln V30.78



Select Ford or Lincoln


After selecting Ford, then Focus.



Up to 2019 year.



Comes with many help files & data.

obdstar-odo-master-car-list-11 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-12


As you can see, the on-screen instruction is clear, just follow it.



Next is OBDSTAR ODO MASTER correct mileage on Chrysler (Up to 2018 – ):

Chrysler V30.45



2018 – or 2015 –


After selecting 2018 -, you need one extra FCA 12+8 cable (€18.99).



Mileage calibration option.



Comes with Help Data.

obdstar-odo-master-car-list-18 obdstar-odo-master-car-list-19


Final is OBDSTAR ODO MASTER correct mileage on GM (Up to 2018 – ):


GM V30.97


After selecting Chevrolet.


Cruze 2017- or 2010-



Mileage calibration option.