(solved) Obdstar X300M fail on some models to change km

Obdstar X300M cannot do some models to change mileage,how to  do ?


Error message may be like that:

Obdstar X300M fail on some models to change km

If you find that some models cannot change mileages, please follow the steps below:


1 Power On X300M unit -> Start -> System Settings -> Data Log -> On -> ESC Return to Main Menu;

2 when matching vehicles in the list, but X300M pops up the error message communication failure, please unplug the machine;

3 unplug the TF card, which the root directory LOG folder

4 send folders in the document to http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/, engineers there would help analyze the problem


Note! Every time you unplug the x300m machine, the data record will automatically be turned off. So, if you want to save the data the next time , you need to follow the above steps to re-open the data record