PSA BSI for Peugeot and Citroen v1.2 Software Free Download


PSA BSI tool is professional odometer tool for Peugeot and Citroen. It includes PSA BSI software and hardware.

PSA BSI software functions list below:
1.Read/Write KM stored in BSI
2.Read PIN code stored in BSI and use it to learn key
3.Read BSI Flash
4.Write BSI Flash produced by Johnson Controls
5.Read/Write BSI EEPROM produced by Siemens VDO
Please contact the hardware into PC before run PSA BSI software

Software version: V1.2

Language: English

Operating system: Windows XP

Update: Upgrade via email

Supported car models:
1) Peugeot 207
2) Peugeot 307 from 2005- …
3) Peugeot 308
4) Peugeot 407
5) Peugeot 607 from 2006-…
6) Peugeot 807 from 2006-…
7) Peugeot Partner 2008-…

9) Citroen C2
10) Citroen C3 2005-…
11) Citroen C4
13) Citroen C5 2007-…
14) Citroen C6

Free download:
PSA BSI tool v1.2 software
(When you install the software, please be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software.)