R270 programmer for 2004 BMW 3series 330 mileage correction

I have access to Digiprog data smart 3 clones, obdstar x300m, and R270 European produced unit. I have only done mileage correction on 7 series e65 styles.

I now want to make mileage correction on the 2004 BMW 3 series 330, I believe it to be e46.


I did pull the cluster and open back to find a angled NEC chip 0719k I believe I do see one small soic eeprom chip with unfamiliar numbers on it. Not sure what I’m reading about lcm modules ? Is there a CAS that needs to be done on these?



Find 35080 read through R270 programmer which you have. There is no CAS there EWS.

If it’s a E46 you need to change LKM, EWS and IKE

If it’s a E90 you need to change CAS and IKE


If it’s a definite e46. You can do only dash (IKE). If you don’t do LKM there is a possibility old KM returns. If you don’t do EWS your key’s will have old KM in it.


2004 has a 35080 eeprom in it.


Hope it helps!