Solution to fix Digiprog 3 (blue screen) after upgrade failure

This is an ideal How to repair Digiprog 3 update failure(a blue screen). It has been tested ok by many users, especially the old Digiprog 3 owners updating 4.94 software themselves.

NOTE: you may be at risk to try this if not experienced enough.
1. Reasons of a blue screen.
a) inappropriate update for Digiprog 3. (the most common cause)

We must remember that updates are created for the serial number. The serial number of the update files must be Digiprog 3 serial number. Otherwise, upload the files to another serial number gives us the effect shown in

the picture above.

b)interrupted during the upgrade of communication between PC and the digiprog III device.

c)Other causes: unrelated to update the device

2. How to fix the DIGIPROG 3 mux after a failed update.

To repair the unit, you need:

a) Update files with the corresponding serial number = serial number of the device.
b) Programmer serial memory for example, willem.

Ok, so we begin. We will have 3 digiprog undress and get into the PCB, exactly 2 serial memory.

You will see a such a view:
Us interested, memory, marked in the picture above. Are respectively a memory U1A and U2A. These are the memories that are 22, feet on one side, which is 44, feet the entire memory. We remove the memory U1A from the plate and put in the programmer.

Load a file content digi1.bin, to memory U1A.
Then again put memory on the board.

Do the same with memory U2A. Only here to load file Digi2.bin
Then again put memory U2A on the board.

Preferably before each update, do yourself a copy memory dumps U1A and U2A. Then we can go back in case of problems with the update to the old version.
Twirl, back digiprog. After this step, run digiprog. If everything went well that you will be greeted this image
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