How to use Tacho Pro 2008 correct mileage on Citroen-Xsara 11.11 sale

Tacho Pro 2008 is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide.Today ,we use Tacho Pro 2008 July PLUS Universal Dash Programmer Odometer Correction on Citroen Model Xsara

Tool Preparation:

You should use this chip and board ,they are all in Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Dash Programmer package


Tacho Pro 2008 Tacho Univesal Plus Universal Dash Programmer July Version B

Here is the step guide:

1. Remove the cluster and open it.
2.Remove the motors carefully from the circuit board. Do not pull off the needles!!!
3. Look for the 8 pin chip 93C46.
4. Look for the silver chrystal and join its contacts.
5. Connect the clip to Port 1.
6. Put the clip on the chip 93C46 (red on pin 1).
7. Select the menu: Citroen-Xsara
8.The Tacho Universal shows you the old value.
9.Select the menu Adjust KM.
10.Enter the new value.
Verify the new value with OK!!!