Tacho PRO 2008 Odometer Correction For BMW 1series E87

Purpose:BMW 1series E87 mileage reset

Tool option :Tacho Pro 2008 programmer

Modell 1er BMW (E87)


Use the board M35080 and clip smd8

Adjustment is done in 3 steps:
1. eeprom in instrument
2. CAS programming with BMW CAS connector
3. ErrorScan

  1. Remove the instrument and open it
  2. Look for the 8-pin chip M35080
  3. ( remove this chip)
  4. connect the clip with port M35080.
  5. Connect the clip to the chip M35080 (red to pin 1).
  6. Select in theTacho Universal BMW ->1er->E87 -> M35080 clip
  7. The Tacho Universal showns you the original km.
  8. Save the data!!!
  9. Go back to the menue BMW ->1er-> 35080-0 (erase) and wait until Tacho Universal
  10. displays „OK“
  11. Select BMW -> 1er-> 87-> M35080 clip
  12. Load the original data you saved before and write it completely to the chip
  13. Error message „data not equal“ can be ignored
  14. Select BMW -> 1er->E87 -> M35080 clip and program the new km.
  15. Do not install the instrument back yet! Before that, the CAS must be programmed
  16. to “0”
  17. Please follow the instructions carefully!!!


tacho-pro-2008-bmw-e87-2 tacho-pro-2008-bmw-e87-3



Connect the cluster connector from car to port A. (Pin1 to red)

Before you pull a fuse,
remove the key and store it away from the car!
While programming, do not open or close any doors or touch any buttons!!!

  1. Remove the small fuse. The fusebox is on the passengers side behind the glovebox. See picture.
  2. Important: the small fuse stays removed during the complete process.
  3. Connect the Can Dongle with the BMW CAS cable and the cluster connector in the car.
  4. Select BMW -> 1er -> E87 -> Cas Prog
  5. Follow exactly the instructions in Diga-Display, like „light on/off“
  6. When it asks to „remove fuse“, the big fuse must be removed
  7. I fit asks you to put it back, put back the big fuse
  8. after programming is finished, put back the small fuse



  1. Connect the connector shown to the OBD2
  2. Connector and select the menue „Errorscan“.
  3. Wait until the main menues returns.
  4. This can take about 5 minutes!




This toturial also available to change mileage on BMW 3series E90 E91.