Tacho Pro Dash Programmer-Safe, cheap, easy to use

Here,we make two parts,share the Worldwide Best- Sold Tacho Pro Dash Programmer and How/Where to choose Odometer Correction Tool

Part 1.

As a car owner, you must know more about driving attentions as well as pre-driving check items, which is an important part that even related Tacho Pro to your own driving safety. So, having regular inspection on your car cannot be neglected. Also, speedometer is an important part of your car, which helps to gauge how fast you are driving, understand how long you will get to the destination, and also help to stay within the speed limit.

As is shown above, we know that owning an odometer correction tool is regarded as the priority. And now, I would like to introduce you the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers around the world, i.e. Tacho Pro Universal Dash Programmer. This tool offers a maximum of flexibility and comfort working despite simplest operation.


All data sets can be easily modified, saved and loaded via this odometer correction tool, and the stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving. One point needs to pay more attention is that the main unit cannot be updated, or press “update” button on the menu.

Part 2.

How to Chose Odometer Correction Tool?

Odometer Mileage Correction Programmer is a Mileage Programmer,Mileage correction programmer which change your car km or correction your km in auto dash board
many guy said it : Instrument Panel and all it right!


dash board

when you find your car odometer error and want to diagnostic your car instrument panel
Please chose professional odometer mileage tool and ask professional auto engineer
and now there are a brand auto diagnostic company for you
it’s Obdexpress.co.uk to help you,There are engineer group and good after-service,when you find the speedometer reset tool is bad,refund all of your money