VW Golf MK5 KM change with Digiprog 3/Ⅲ Odometer correction tool

Digiprog 3 digiprog Ⅲodometer correction tool with software V4.94

Order digiprog 3 V4.94 update service to get previous/old version DigiProg 3 km change tool updated to newest V4.94.

Vehicle model: VW Golf MK5


1)Setup Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool follow the instruction:
2) Turn the ignition to ON and start the engine
3) Hook up the DigiProg Ⅲ main unit to the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic socket via cable
Digiprog 3-1
4) The indicator light on dashboard will flash. Check the parameter (km) on the dashboard.
Digiprog 3-2
5) The default entry password of Digiprog 3 system is 1, manually enter the password.
Digiprog 3-3
6) Welcome the MAIN MENU. Access the system via CAR/Truck option.
Select vehicle manufacturer as VW and then select vehicle model as GOLF
Digiprog 3-4
7) Select GOLF5 and then choose TACHO DIAG option
Digiprog 3-5
8) Check the real current odometer on the dashboard. Enter the new odometer miles manually.
Digiprog 3-6
9) Then the dashboard light will illuminate and the DIGIPROG Ⅲ km tool screen will prompt you to check the written value. Confirm the value and exit the program.