What tool can adjust the mileage of BMW 523i 2007?


I recently posted on the forum and found an interesting question: Change mileage on BMW 523i 2007 model, which tool?

I have no experience in adjusting the mileage of this model, but I found some responses from users. Let’s read senior users experiences:

Review 1: 

cas module can be adjusted thru obd via specific tools: cgpro, autohex… dashboard needs to open, desolder eeprom, change mileage and back. Services, battery and so on can be adjusted again via obd with standard bmw software.

This is the place where you can purchase cgpro:



cgpro can do the job by removing the module to read the data and then to correct the mileage.

Change mileage on BMW 523i 2007 model


Review 2:

R270+ can do this job and cheaper than cgdi only remove dashboard epprom 35080 decreases km and remove cas and reduce km both of reduce can do with r270+.



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