Digimaster 3 Mileage Adjustment Record (VW, BMW, Volvo, Toyota)

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Yanhua Digimaster 3 is a good tool among mechanics for adjusting vehicle odometers, it compatibility varies by make and model. Here’s a detailed look at which vehicles are supported and which are not, along with some specific requirements for certain models.

Supported Vehicles:

    1. Chevrolet Volt (2011-2012): Support.
    2. Volkswagen Up (2013/2014): Support.
    3. Volvo XC60: Support.
    4. Peugeot 3008: Support.
    5. Opel Van 1.9TDI (2004): Support.
    6. Toyota Corolla (2020): Supported, but requires disassembly of the dashboard.
    7. Citroen DS3 (2014): Support.
    8. Honda Accord (2013): Support.
    9. Hyundai Atos (2020): Supported, uses chip 24c16.
    10. KIA Sportage GTLine (2017): Support.
    11. BMW 335i (2010): Supported. this car is CAS3, Also can use Yanhua Mini ACDP2, and ACDP module 1 + module 4 to adjust mileage.

Yanhua Digimaster 3 interface

Unsupported Vehicles:

    1. Audi Q5 (2018): Not supported, as Digimaster 3 only supports Audi models before 2014.
    2. Skoda MQB chassis (2018): Not supported.
    3. Volkswagen Crafter (2017-2018): Not supported.
    4. Volkswagen Touareg (2019): Not supported.
    5. Mercedes X class (2018): Not supported.
    6. Mercedes W213 (2018): Not supported.
    7. Mercedes Vito W447 2018: Not supported.

Yanhua Digimaster 3 Tractor Support List

Additional Information:

A common question is whether Digimaster 3 can convert kilometers to miles on a Japanese car imported into the UK. The conversion of kilometers to miles is typically a function built into the dashboard of the vehicle and cannot be adjusted by Digimaster 3.

Some people also asked if Yanhua Digimaster 3 supports tractors/excavators. I found these on the function interface: Yes, it is supported.



Always ensure to check the specific vehicle compatibility before proceeding with any odometer adjustment to avoid unnecessary complications. For cases where Digimaster 3 is not supported, considering alternative tools or modules as recommended can help achieve the desired outcome.