Use report: Vehicle Mileage Adjustment with Yanhua Digimaster 3 (D3)


The Yanhua Digimaster 3, often referred to as D3, is a robust tool for vehicle mileage adjustment. It supports a wide range of vehicles, making it an indispensable asset for mechanics and automotive technicians. Here’s a detailed record of a mechanic’s experience using the Digimaster 3 to adjust vehicle odometers across various car models, highlighting the supported and unsupported vehicles.

Supported Vehicles

  1. BMW 335i E92 2006
    • Instrument: CAS3+
    • The Digimaster 3 effortlessly supports this model, allowing precise mileage adjustment.
  2. Nissan NV400 2015
    • While the function list mentions NV200, the chip compatibility extends to NV400, therefore, the mileage of NV400 can be adjusted.
  3. Nissan Patrol V8 2016
    • Fully supported, enabling smooth mileage adjustment processes.
  4. Toyota Vellfire 20 series 2010-2014
    • Supported across the series, offering reliable mileage modification.
  5. Toyota Corolla 2010
    • Requires dashboard disassembly, but fully supported for mileage correction.
  6. Toyota Land Cruiser GXR V8 2020
    • Supported.
  7. Honda Fit GP1 2010-2013
    • Supported, providing mileage adjustments.
  8. Audi A6 2012
    • Supported via OBD, making it convenient for mileage adjustments.
  9. Iveco Daily from 2011
    • Supported, allowing precise mileage modifications.
  10. Nissan Quasqai from 2012
    • Fully supported, ensuring accurate odometer adjustments.
  11. Mitsubishi Outlander 2013
    • Supported.
  12. BMW F10
  13. Smart Fortwo 2009
    • Fully supported, allowing mileage adjustment.
  14. Infiniti QX56 2010
    • Supported after disassembling the dashboard to access the 93C66 or 24C16 chip.

D3 for Infiniti QX56

Unsupported Vehicles

  1. Mercedes E220 CDI 2019
    • Not supported by the Digimaster 3.
  2. Mercedes B-Class W264 2016
    • Not supported, highlighting the limitations for this particular model.
  3. Porsche Cayenne 2016 (92A Hybrid Plug-in)
    • Not supported due to encrypted CPU.
  4. Audi Q3/Q5 2012-2013
    • Not supported.
  5. Audi A4 B9 8W S Line 35 TFSI 2019
    • Not supported.
  6. Audi A5 2.0 TFSI F5 8W6 2018
    • Not supported.
  7. VW TRANSPORTER 2.0 TDI 2016
    • Not supported.
  8. Skoda Octavia 2017
    • Not supported.
  9. BMW X5 2020 (with live cockpit)
  10. BMW G30 2015-2019


The Digimaster 3 proves to be a powerful tool for vehicle mileage adjustment, With the ability to handle both simple and complex mileage adjustments. While there are certain models it does not support, the range of compatible vehicles makes it a valuable investment for any automotive professional.