Yanhua Digimaster 3 Windows XP/7/10 Install

Digimaster 3 software download on Windows XP/7/10:

via the Yanhua official site: http:/iccdp.com/

Click on “Download” and find out the correct software used with digimaster 3


 Digimaster 3 operation system:

Windows XP (except version 2002);

Windows 7 32 or 64 bit

Windows 10 (need luck)


For Digimaster 3 Windows 10:

you have to set up something first when you finish Digimaster 3 software installation:

run Digimaster 3 properties and go to compatibilities and tick on run as admin


you’re advised to use Windows 7 without anti-virus application! The path cannot be changed and the app must be saved in the disk C: (if you install it in other disks, you will fail to open the app for use; if you have changed the path, please uninstall and install it again.)



Tip: cannot run Digimaster 3 on Windows 7 system

A8: go to Digimaster 3 properties->compatibilities->run as admin->ok->update


Tip: How to connect Digimaster 3 to a laptop/computer and how search data saved (that is read out by Digimaster 3)

A11: you can take out the SD card from Digimaster 3 machine and put it into a car reader to connect to a laptop to get data read out; also, you can connect Digimaster 3 directly to the laptop:


Windows XP:

go to the official site and download D3 TOOLS software;

connect D3 and the laptop using a mini USB cable;

connected successfully;

then you can read data in my computer->mobile device


Windows 7:

directly connect D3 and the laptop using a mini USB cable;

connected successfully;

pop up info from Windows Mobile device center and connection succeeds;

click on “not set up” and connect;

click on file management->NandFlash->YHTech->User

(if you want read data from the D3 SD card, firstly you should install Digimaster 3 and the like)