2017 Peugeot 2008 odometer correction tool advice

Have one 2017 Peugeot 2008 for odometer correction, I thought I tried to do this obd as its a mobile job at customer house not in workshop. I thought it has the valeo no 3 bsi with eeprom 95320.


Tools I have are:

fvdi 2018

Blue digiprog 3 clone

Green obdstar h108 psa

obdstar x300m


Working tools and method advice:

  1. SMOK UHDS with the PSA Module will do it.

In real: expensive and don’t have.


  1. xtool bsi obd and clocks by epprom adapter only tested


  1. I do that model with UPA programmer, in any order but when I connect modules back, I always connect bsi first and then dash.


I dont trust in obd2 tools


  1. You can read eeprom by digiprog and export dump to PC if your tool ftdi based ,

Otherwise Post screenshot of area’s 0x3a0 and 0x3b0 so we will provide you bytes where need to change

Bsi should be corrected with same value as well , it should be Valeo Bsi with eeprom 95256

Good luck

Credit to cartechnology.co.uk members

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