BMW 7series E65 Facelift Odometer Correction With Tacho Pro 2008

Look here:Tacho Pro 2008 change mileage for BMW 7series E65 E66 (only facelift) success!


Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 1
Model BMW 7series (E65 / E66) ONLY Facelift
Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 2
board M35080 and clip smd8

Use the board M35080 and clip smd8

Adjustment is done in 3 steps:
1. eeprom in instrument
2. CAS programming with BMW CAS connector
3. ErrorScan

1. cluster

Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 3 Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 4


If the chip is 35080 V6 you must replace it by a new. This is new not erasable generation.

  • Remove the instrument and open it
  • Look for the 8-pin chip M35080
  • ( remove this chip)
  • connect the clip with port M35080.
  • Connect the clip to the chip M35080 (red to pin 1).
  • Select in theTacho Universal BMW->5er/7er/X5-> E6X/E65/E66 ->M35080 clip
  • TheTacho Universal showns you the original km.
  • Save the data!!!
  • Go back to the menue BMW->5er/7er/X5->E6X/E65/E66 ->35080-0 (erase) and
  • wait until Tacho Universal displays „OK“
  • Select BMW->5er/7er/X5->E6X/E65/E66 -> M35080 clip
  • Load the original data you saved before and write it completely to the chip
  • Error message „data not equal“ can be ignored
  • Select BMW->5er/7er/X5-> E6X/E65/E66 -> M35080 clip and program the new km.
  • Do not install the instrument back yet! Before that, the CAS must be programmed
  • to “0”
  • Please follow the instructions carefully!!!

2. CAS with the BMW CAS connector

Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 6 Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 7 Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 8

Connect the cluster connector from car to port B. (Pin1 to red)

Before you pull a fuse,
remove the key and store it away from the car!
While programming, do not open or close any doors or touch any buttons!!!

  • Connect the Can Dongle with the BMW CAS cable and the cluster connector in the car.
  • Select BMW->5er/7er/X5-> E6X/E65/E66 -.Cas Prog
  • Follow exactly the instructions in Diga-Display, like „light on/off“
  • When it asks to „remove fuse“, the fuse in picture must be removed
  •  if it asks you to put it back, put back the big fuse
  • after programming is finished, put back the small fuse
  • Very Important if you are asked to insert fuse, first connect the connector  then insert the fuse!

Fusebox in right side of the trunk !

Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw7 E65 E66 10



Connect the connector shown to the OBD2
connector and select the menue „Errorscan“.
Wait until the main menues returns.
This can take about 5 minutes!



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