Digimaster 3 corrects odometer via OBP adapter (need IC soldering)

When using Digimaster 3 to adjust mileage, one method is through the OBP adapter, which means the IC chip needs to be removed from the cluster, then solder on the OBP adapter, meanwhile the D3 is connected to the OBP adapter to correct odometer, then solder the IC chip back to the dashboard.


  1. Desolder the IC chip from the dashboard.



  1. Clear the excess tin from the IC.



  1. Solder the IC into the OBP adapter which is connected to digimaster 3.

Read the original mileage value, then input the new value you want.

digimaster3-ic-soldering-03 digimaster3-ic-soldering-04 digimaster3-ic-soldering-05


  1. Then desolder the IC chip from the OBP adapter.


  1. Solder the IC into the dashboard again.



  1. Use the Banana oil to clear the IC which is soldered back into the dashboard.

digimaster3-ic-soldering-07 digimaster3-ic-soldering-08


  1. Job is done.



Video demo:Digimaster 3: IC Soldering