Digiprog3 For VW Passat 2004 Odometer Correction Via OBD

How-to:change odometer for VW Passat 2004 with Digiprog 3 china clone via OBD

Vehicle: VW Passat 2004

Tool: Digiprog 3

Work: Change mileage from 81km to 1489km

Here is the old mileage:81KM


connect Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD

then the machine starts

select a CAR/TRUCK: VW-PASSAT-PASSATR B5/ B5GP-B5*2004 DIAG-PLUS 16 ,then selet√

DP3 is reading the current mileage

Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-2 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-3 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-4 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-5 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-6 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-7 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-8

enter a new mileage to change

new mileage: 1489km



Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-10 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-11

the mileage on the dash is also changed!


Digiprog 3 china clone is confirmed to OBD change km for VW PASSAT 2004

Works perfectly!

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