OBDSTAR F100 F102 X300M X100 pro Odometer correction tool,how to choose

-How about OBDSTAR F102?
There is a new arrival Nissan pin code reader,also support reading Pin Code, programming Auto Keys and Correcting Mileage of a part of Nissan/Infinite vehicles.It’s easy to take away,and it’s appearance is designed elaborately  So we may be confused which one is better between OBDSTAR F102 and NSPC001.

Via this post Original OBDSTAR F102 Pin Code Reader VS NSPC001 Nissan,we can know Comparison with the NSPC001 ,OBDSTAR F102 add these fuction:

*key programming fro Nissan/Infinite(Immbliliser)

Nissan Teana 2013

Nissan X-Trail 2013
Nissan Qashiqai 2015
Nissan Murano
Infinite JX35 2013
Infinite Q50
Infinite QX60 2013


Teana 2013

One friend had one X100 Pro and just received one F100, he tested and report ” My OBDSTAR X100PRO and F100 Ford Mazda pro has exactly the same menu for Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and range rover. I can see no differences between these tools. They have different caseing same s/w function”, the dealer  says OBDSTAR F100 wins at Ford,Mazda,Land Rover, jaguar for key matching and odometer adjustment.
obdstar x300 Pro vs OBDSTAR X100 PRO
obdstar x300 Pro and OBDSTAR X100PRO have exactly same menu for key making and odometer mileage, PIC EEPROM, and also X100PRO is claimed to cover EPB, oil service reset, battery matching and obd2 scanner. But most users use X100 pro to test key making and odometer mileage and share the works and fails list.
Read this post on OBDSTAR X300M X100 Pro Mileage Correction OK and K.O experience:
(Quote) Just got my new obdstar x300 Pro key master with (immo, mileage, mileage, PIC EEPROM, EPB, oil service reset, battery matching and obd2 scanner. It comes with new cars model but the f100 comes with more ford and Mazda programming. EEPROM function does read incircuit but only on a small immo. Not Ecu. I will be working on that soon, giving more power to power up Ecu for incircuit reading. I bought It for $529 plus shipping cost cheaper then SKP900. On the obd2 section there is a vin or ID rewrite function, I will test and report. I’m pushing them to set up there website to upload new updates for the X300 Pro. The machine show a release date of 5/21/16
Some friends used to ask “So can we say that F100 Ford Mazda pro wins obdstar x300 Pro for now”, my answer is F100 wins (Ford,Mazda,Land Rover, jaguar.) that why I’m push on some new updates for there X300 pro.
– Obdstar x300 Pro key master vs X300M
X300M and X300M has exactly the same menu for odometer mileage, that is if you want only a simple odometer adjustment for a multi-brand models, obdstar X300M is the best option.
In conlusion:
OBDSTAR F102:Best choice to Nissan/Infinite.
obdstar x300 Pro key master: include all and best for garage progfessional master.
F100 Ford Mazda pro: wins at Ford,Mazda,Land Rover, jaguar
obdstar X300M: only for mileage on a multi-brand models
OBDSTAR X100PRO: same as x300 Pro key master, best for both key making and odometer mileage