Solution: OBDSTAR X300 DP error code 101

  • engineer offer the solution to OBDSTAR X300 DP / X300 DP Plus error message:(core03.bin)load exception, error code:-101.

OBDSTAR X300 DP error code 101


Occasion 1.

Device’s update has not expired, click on “One Key Upgrade” to update the device.


Occasion 2.

Device’s update has expired, there are two optional methods to fix it:


Method 1.

(1). Click on “ES file browser” –local–Main directory–DP-serial

(2). Copy the file of core03.bin to TF or memory card


Method 2 – some users verified working great.

Please follow the instruction to uninstall the APK and install the APK again.

APK uninstallation and installation manual.pdf

Diagprogram_V3.8.3.apk for download


Alright, if the above two methods do not work, please buy a one year update subscription for your device and update it.

One Year Update Service Subscription for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus


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