VNPRO Super Mileage Programmer, Any Good?

VNPRO is a new odometer correction tool for VW Odometer Correction, Read Pin Code, CX Code, and Key ID Support Brazil and India cars


VNPRO Super Programmer supports Brazil and India vehicle from 2015 to 2020

Supported models:

01. NEW JETTA 2015-2019
02. NEW BORA 2015-2019
03. New C-TREK 2016-2020
04. New VISTA 2015-2019
05. Brazilian POLO 2015-2020
06. Brazilian GOLF 2015-2020
07. Brazilian SASTA 2015-2020
08. Indian VSTER 2015-2020
09. Indian POLO 2015-2020
10. Indian SALER 2015-2020
11. India JETTA 2015-2020

the VDO 35 xx with LCD driver module need to install additional filter.


Video: How to use VNPRO Mileage Super Programmer

You can get the best price here:

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