Digimaster3 and CKM100,which the better for BMW CAS4, CAS4?

Obdexpress has released some BMW key programmers including CKM100 unlimited tokens, CKM100 390 tokens,Digimaster 3 unlimited tokens and Digimaster3 980Tokens, especially for CAS4, CAS4+,Here is the basic information of them.

CKM100(unlimited tokens) CKM 100(390 tokens) Digimater3(unlimited tokens) Digimaster3(1080Tokens)
Version 1.9.1504.08 1.8.1604.20
Language English
Update Update online
Tokens No tokens limited 390 tokens No tokens limited 980 tokens
Operating system Windows XP & Win 7
Support vehicle BMW ,benz,VW,Audi ,Seat,Hyundai,Kia and Porsche.

BMW lists in detail:

Support EWS 1/2/3/4, CAS 1/2/3/5;

Program EWS 2/3 by K line;

CAS 1/2/3 read data and program by OBD2;

CAS 1/2/3 can read data offline and program by CAS CAN;

Unlock and program 7943/7944;

Support YH BM7 and M5/3 Key;

Benz &BMW.
BMW CAS4/CAS4+ is authorized for this four key programmers.

CAS4 is for BMW5,6,7,X3 series from 2010 to 2015.

CAS4 is for BMW 5,6,7,X3 series after 2012.

Functions key information reading

data calculating

key programming

Odometer correction
Audio decoding
Airbage reset
ECU programming
PIN Code Reading
BMW key programming

Digimaster-3 Technical Service:


Customer asked questions:
Q: It says many times what is your ID and password? it makes me register or else i cant access any function. please help what did you put for my ID and password when you helped me register the digimaster 3?
A: This digimaster 3 with 980 tokens, we do not register before we send it to you. When you get it, please give us your serial number. Like: 62B7 5B3C, English: 0000 006F. And we will give you the ID and password to you. And you can use the information we send to you to register it. Once you register it, manufacturer needs 2-3 days to confirm it. After confimation, you can use it freely.

CKM100 Customers asked questions:
Q: With this CKM100, you can generate key codes from reading EIS how does ak500?
A: For CKM100, if you want to read EIS data, you need to read this from official website http://www.autoemaster.com/ , find the benz key calculator, and calculate the data.
GO to upgrade. And download “奔驰钥匙计算器”. This one only has chinese version. But its advantage is it is very stable. Qulity is reliable. For keys made by YANHUA company. It can be used repeatly.
It has the account, but everytime only can one customer enter this account to use. so if other customer use it, you need to wait

Q: What is the CPB adapter used for?
A: It is used for the EEPROM of dashboard you need to remove, SRSCM, Audio, ECU and so on.

Q: What is the 9S12 adapter used for?
A: It is used for processing of CAS Computer module of BMW series 3/5/7 that electronic chassis is E90/E60/E66 (after year 2005) and EIS Computer module of Benz series E/S/C that electronic chassis is W220/W211/W203 (after year 2005).

Q: I want to program new BMW keys, which adapter do i need to use?
A: NXP key adapter. It is used for programming the following new bmw chips: 7936, 7941, 7942, 7943, 7944, 7945, 7946, 7947, 7952, 7961.

Q: Can i use this CKM100 to program motorola chips?
A: Yes. In the package, there is a MC705E6 adapter. With this adapter, you can program MOTOROLA chips, such as E series W210, W211; CLK series W208, W209; CLS series W219; C series W202, W203 directional lock.

Q: What is the NEC adapter used for?
A: This chip is used for programming keys for S, C, E, SL, CL, CLK, CLS series models.

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