How to recharge tokens for digimaster3, ckm100 and ckm200?

1. Token Card only used for CKM100, CKM200,DIGIMASTER III.

2. Steps: Go to Managementrecharge tokens for digimaster3-5, choose Paymentrecharge tokens for digimaster3-2 . Enter the ID and Password when the following dialog box display.

recharge tokens for digimaster3-3

3.Tokens mainly used on new update costs for high-end vehicle, such as OBD mileage adjustment for Benz, BMW, VW, Audi and so on.

4. Token cost depends on vehicle model. It costs 2 to 60 tokens for different cars. Details please refer to recharge tokens for digimaster3-4 under .

” Authorized” means permanent usage privilege. “Unauthorized” means consume by tokens. Please check the price under relevant module.

1) When you use digimaster3 ck1200, if the following error appears, this is IP restriction,
please tell us, we will help you remove restriction according to IP.

recharge tokens for digimaster3-6

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