How to correct mileage on Audi A6, A7 and 4G


I have a Speedometer (Audi A6 A7 4G) and a VVDI2, how should I correct the mileage?
Hardware: 4g8920932m
SW: 0515
Year: 2013
Speedometer (Audi A6 A7 4G)


In fact, many tools can do this through OBD2, such as VVDI2. But first, you need a tool to read epprom 95320, and then upload it to vvdi2 to save the changed data and write it back.

A6 4G and A7 have different procedure because of Skey, read S key with SMOK or Xtool by OBD and then desolder eeprom 95320 load skey and then change to 0 put back eeprom and dashboard and then by OBD put new mileage.