Where to download Digimaster 3 sd card refresh software?

There is a small cd packed in the YH-TECH  Digimaster 3 mileage programmer, inside this cd contains the software which used to refresh the machine if the machine can’t turn on normally.

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 01


Digimaster 3 sd card refreshing software download:




  1. Remove SD card from D3 to card reader, and connect to PC. After successful connection, click “Removable Disk(E:)” as showed in the picture.

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 02


  1. Delete the old file “YHTech” which is in SD card.
  2. Close the running antivirus program.
  3. Copy the “YHTech” files which is just downloaded, and save it in SD card.
  4. Please insert SD card into D3 after successfully copy and paste. Then connect to network and turn on D3, click “OK” for downloading when appear remark of “Please connect network download hypervisors!” in the interface. It can be functioned after successful download.”


  1. After copying successfully, insert the SD card into D3 device, Press the power switch, you will see the start interface.

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 03


  1. After the D3 logo disappears, immediately press the “F1” and “5” keys in turn,

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 04


  1. As shown in the figure below, successfully entered the synchronization state, click “Yes” or press “OK” button to synchronize:

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 05

The files are automatically copied for upgrade, see the following figure:

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 06


Update D3 kernel through SD card

Step 1: Copy kernel file to root directory of SD card first, see sectional drawing. (Tips: pls name the kernel file copied into SD card as “NK.bin”, or else it can be recognized.) Then insert SD card back to DIII.

YH Digimaster 3 Sd Card Refresh Software 07


Step 2: Press number key 1 and keyboard key, then turn on DIII. This moment “Press OK to download kernel from SD CARD” is shown on DIII screen, press OK to start automatic kernel update. After kernel update, DIII will reset automatically.