Which Millage Correction Tool To Invest During Covid19?

Out of job due to covid19 issues and trying to find your way in to millage correction etc is a good idea. Then which mileage correction tool to start with?


Please read these reviews:

– Buy from start Upa and Fvdi. It’s cheap and cover a lot of cars.


– Buy Obdstar X300M , OBDSTAR ODO master  and Digiprog3 and you will cover a lot of cars


– Dashcoder is one of the best options but you should specify your budget. What cars do you expect to be working on? Upa is also very useful.


– You can do mqb dash vw and audi with X300M or OBDSTAR ODOMASTER   .


–  For good beginning u need digiprog 3.


– Best tool to start with is Obdstar X300 Dp Pad 2 package C and Iprog+. Those two will cover 50-60% of the cars on the market.


– You will need an eeprom programmer, pdf manuals, mileage calculator software and Brain.exe.

I do a better job with 300 usd.


I have over $30,000 invested and can do most US/Japanese euro is another story as is yearly updates expect to pay $5000-$10,000 a year updates.

Main tools are Smelecom DSP3, Diag Prog 4, Jprog, Enigma all of which with an up to date full OBD & EEprom package will run $6500-$13,000 each.

Don’t forget a good scanner Autel 906 or better will do and a laptop with windows 7.


To be upgrading…