Need universal OBD2 odometer correction Tool at cheap & expensive price

Experience with OBD2 solution for odometer correction on all makes at cheap & expensive price.


Cheap working ones:

  1. obdstar x300m


– via OBD2


– obdstar x300m price drops to 209eur. And it can do what you paid.


– obdstar x300m reviews (during the past 6 months)

OBDSTAR DP Plus mileage correction feedback (from 7th October, 2015 to now and future)


– Free download: obdstar x300m vehicle coverage


  1. Clone digiprog 3 4.94

– Method: besides via OBD, it allows the user to change KM via Chip, Cluster & BCM, Tacho & BSI, Micro, EWS, etc.


– digiprog 3 4.94 coverage:


– digiprog 3 4.94 reviews


Less expensive one:

OBDSTAR DP Plus is a full OBD2 solution for odometer correction on all makes. Go to the official site you are able to view the vehicle list.


Expensive ones:

  1. Enigma is probably the best on the long run


  1. DP4 its the best for this job diagpro4  but very expensive

Read article: DP4 or DP3, which one better



Problem will start if you have only 1 tool and this fails. And if it damage the dash for example on VAG you will have problems with immo and keys too and each fail will cost you much time and most time money too.
You will need good programmer too to fix dashes if anything happens.
Just my opinion – buy some tools just for 1 brand and good programmer to start to work or better play at beginning.