How CG PRO change mileage from BMW E91 dashboard & CAS 4

Here is how to do BMW E91 dashboard and CAS Odometer Correction tutorial:


BMW Odometer correction tool:

CG PRO programmer for MB BMW LandRover Porsche

Digiprog 3 universal odometer correction tool


You have to know:

For BMW CAS, it’s necessary to correct odometer for both dashboard and CAS.

For BMW EWS, it’s okay to have dashboard odometer correction only.



Step 1: BMW dashboard V4 (35080 VP/V6) odometer correction

Step 2: BMW CAS4 1L15Y odometer correction


In detail…


Step 1: CG PRO change mileage BMW dashboard V4 (35080 VP/V6)


Select a model

Brand: BWM

Function: Dashboard

Model: V4 (35080 VP/V6)



Read data


cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-2 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-3

Successfully read data

Save file

cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-4 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-5

Operation completed!





Run CG PRO software as administrator


Select a model

Brand: BWM

Function: Dashboard

Model: V4 (35080 VP/V6)

Open file- original eprom bin file

cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-9 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-10

Adjust mileage


Enter a new km as odometer correction

Here:1000 KM



Step 2: CG PRO change mileage BMW CAS4 1L15Y


Wiring diagram of DB25 Adapter


Wiring diagram of CAS4 1L15Y

cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-14 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-15 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-16 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-17 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-18 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-19

Close CG PRO wiring diagram


Select a model

Brand: BWM

Function: Anti-theft

Model: CAS4 1L15Y


Open file- CAS4 bin file


Adjust mileage


Enter a new km as the new mileage

Here: 1000KM


cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-23 cg-pro-bmw-dashboard-24

Note that, the dashboard mileage should be the same as CAS4 mileage.


Reference: CG PRO User Manual for details.. here you go

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