How to use JMD OBD to calibrate the odometer on Buick Excelle 2013?

How to calibrate the odometer for Buick Excelle 2013 with JMD OBD.




Use a phone to download JMD APP on the official site


Have one JMD OBD




Firstly, start up the dashboard.

The old mileage is 81385 kilometer.

jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-02 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-03

Youtube Video:

Insert the JMD OBD into the OBD2 port of the car.


Open the JMD APP.

Find out “OBD“.



Tap “Band”.

Add bind

Menu updates, download from internet.

Loading IMMO data, please wait.

Loading Match data, please wait.

Loading ODO data, please wait.

Tap ODO -> America -> Buick -> Excelle GT/XT -> IC -> Odometer Calibration.

Input a new mileage like 81384.

Writing the new mileage

Mileage calibration success.

Have new mileage 81384 on the dashboard.

jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-05 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-06 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-07 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-08 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-09 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-010 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-011 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-012 jmd-obd-calibrates-odometer-on-buick-excelle-2013-13



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