(Solved)VAG KM+IMMO tool V1.8.2 “No authority”

“When I tried to run IMMO of the VW odometer tool, a window popped out, saying I had no authority to use it,” said Ian.

At first, I thought I could be the software problem – maybe Ian damaged the software accidently. So I send him a new VAGCOM software to try again. However, after installing the drive, he said the drive could not recognize the new software, but could find USB2.0-Serial file.

The problem never happened before. Then I turned to our technician for help. According to the technician, if the drive Ian was using is 409.1 type, it was probably that the drive had not been well installed.

How to solve the problem:
1.Right click the drive that has not been well installed;
2.Update the drive;
3.Choose program for 409.1 Drive.

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