How To Adjust Mileage On Mercedes-Benz W204 2009 via OBD With Diprog iii v4.94

Here is a tutorial of how to change mileage on Mercedes-Benz  W204 2009 via OBD within 5 minutes without dissembling the dashboard  with odometer correction tool.
Tool option:V4.94 Digiprog 3 Odometer Correction Tool

1. Directly plug V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer socket.Turn on the device. Enter password (Default power-on password is 1). Check the mileage on the dashboard


2. Select “PKW/LKW” at the digiprog3 Main Menu.


3. Then select vehicle model: MERCEDES.


4. Choose the detailed Benz model: W204 C-Class.


5. Select “TACHO DIAG” option.


6. The Digiprog 3 mileage correction tool will prompt which adapter should you plug in, here the device asks to plug ST16 adapter.


7. Next DigiProg 3 will ask you to manually enter the mileage displayed on the dashboard. Follow the system instruction.

8. The digiprog 3 is building communication with the vehicle. The new correct mileage will displayed on the dashboard.


9. Last step, exit the Digiprog 3 device and disconnect it with vehicle.

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