Can Yanhua ACDP tool erase 35128 chip data?


Hello everyone, I used Yanhua module 4 to erase the 35128 chip. Will red dots appear when erasing the chip data under normal circumstances?


Yanhua engineer replies: 35128 chip has two kinds of data (V1 and V2)

35128 chip V1 and V2 data


V2 can directly wipe data without red dots.


V1 cannot directly erase data, and the analog chip needs to be replaced. Users can use Yanhua 35XX programmer + Simulator to read and modify data with Yanhua Mini ACDP or Digimaster 3.


Thanks for the reply from the engineer, one more question: I put can file wrong, it jumped back mileage. Then i try make again, but cannot read or write. Can the simulator only change the mileage once?


Yanhua engineer replied:

The simulator can modify the mileage many times, but chip soldering is not an easy task. If the chip is soldered many times, the chip is easy to break.


It is recommended that you check whether there is a problem with the soldering of the chip. If there is no problem, you should consider whether the chip is damaged.


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