YH35XX programmer + Simulator correct 35128 odometer: No red dot

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F chassis 35128WT eeprom odometer correction best solution: Yanhua YH35XX programmer + Simulator, because it has no risk, no red dot and easy to use. It wins many similar tools i.e Smelecom 35128 emulator (supports a part of 35128WT eeprom) and VVDI Pro (can’t work yet).


Prepare: one computer

Features: No risk, no red dot. Easy to use.


  1. Remove the original 35XX EEPROM from the odometer and solder it to the adaptor board.Then clamp the adaptor board with the solder-free clamp. Ensure the direction of the adaptor board and solder-free clamp is correct.


yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-02 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-03



2.Connect the YH35XX programmer to the USB port of the PC, click on “computer” and it will recognize a usb flash drive named 35XX programmer.

yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-04 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-05



3.Click on U disk35XXprogrammer, double-click “BMW_ODO_Standard_edition. exe” to open the software.


4.Wait until it pops up: Programmer connection successful, then run it.



5.Choose the EEPROM model and click on “Read DATA+ID”, check whether the mileage that is read out is the same as the actual mileage.


6.Click on “Save Data File”, save the original data of original EEPROM to the folder.



7.Hold the handle of the simulator, clamp the Simulator with the solder-free clamp. Pay attention to the direction. Then connect the solder-free clamp to the programmer, connect the programmer to the PC.

yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-10 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-11 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-12


8.Choose the EEPROM model, click on “Load Data File”, choose the corresponding data of original EEPROM and load it. Check whether the displayed mileage is the same as the mileage displayed in odometer.

yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-13 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-15


9.Once the mileage is confirmed, click on “Write DATA+ID”, write the original data into the Simulator.


10.Click “Read Data+ID”, read the data written into the Simulator, and check the mileage.


11.After the mileage is confirmed, click on “Mileage modification” and input the mileage you want.

yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-17 yh35xx-programmer-simulator-user-manual-18


12.After confirming the input mileage is correct, click on “Write DATA+ID” to write the modified data into the Simulator.



13.After the data is written, click on “Read DATA+ID” to check whether the mileage modification is correct.



14.If the displayed mileage is the same as what you want, cut off the handle of the Simulator, and solder the Simulator to the original EEPROM position. Pay attention to the EEPROM direction. Install the odometer back to the car to verify whether the mileage modification is successful.


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