How To Use YANHUA BMW 35160/35080 Programming Emulator Mileage Adjustment Tool

Yanhua 35080/35160 programming emulator is new designed to correct odometer for BMW 35 series memory Support 35080, 35160 chip, it Come with an independent program which can adjust mileage directly.

Car list support:




This is how to use Yanhua 35080/160 programming emulator to change mileage:

Video demo:


In words:

Solder the 35xx chip on the meter to the specified location of the simulator.

Pay attention to the chip direction


Connect the emulator to the mini usb cable

Pug in the computer usb interface


Establish a new folder on your Desktop

E.g. folder named “mileage modification”

Open the software files on Computer

Copy the compressed file named”35xx mileage modification tool.rar” to the “mileage modification” folder on Desktop

Extract it to the current folder

Get the 35xx mileage modification tool.exe file


Copy the original data “35080 original” bin file in the folder “English” to the “mileage modification” folder


Drag the bin file “35080 original” into the application “M35xx mileage modification tool”

Open with M35xx mileage modification tool


Enter the mileage data you want to modify as prompted

Note the mileage you wan to put with a unit like XXXkm or XXXml

Then press Enter to confirm and then the new data will be automatically generated


how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-6 how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-7

Delete the 35xxx simulated data


Copy the new data generated in the”mileage modification” folder to the “35xx memory”in the U disk


Re-plug the emulator


Compare the data

how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-11 how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-12 how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-13 how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-14

If the data is the same, the operation is successful

Solder the simulator to the instrument chip location

how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-15 how-to-use-Yanhua-35080-160-programming-emulator-16

Done! Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW 35080 emulator have written the new km successfully!








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