CANEMU CAN Filter for Mercedes C-class W204 installation instructions

In these models Mercedes use new EZS with NEC processor marked IRLAND or HAVANNA (also named EIS-electronic ignition switch). Mercedes CAN filter will work with both EZS types. For installation remove EZS from car.

For first prepare Mercedes CAN filter board: check – resistor 121 must be soldered and solder second configuration points like in pictures.
CAN filter connection for Mercedes w204-1
CAN filter connection for Mercedes w204-2
Remove EZS board from casing. Carefully disconnect board from mechanic – look on picture.
CAN filter connection for Mercedes w204-3
Remove from EZS board SMD part marked with red “X”. With short, good isolated wire connect Mercedes CAN filter to EZS board according picture: 1-1 (C1H), 2-2(C1L), 3-3(C2H), 4-4(C2L), 5-5(GND), and 6-6 (+5V).
CAN filter connection for Mercedes w204-4
After connection insulate Mercedes CAN filter board with heat shrink or insulation tape. Put it carefully to EZS casing.

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