CANEMU CAN filter connection manual for BMW CAS4

BMW CAS4 installation instructions
CANEMU is tested on F01, F02 with 1L15Y processor, F10 and F07 (BMW GT) with 1L15Y and 5M48H processors and on F25 ( new X3). After CANEMU instalation diagnostic tester (BMW ICOM or INPA) shows in CAS4 the same mileage as on instrument cluster.

Remove CAS4 from car. No need to disconnect batery, just let car for 1 minute, car go to sleep mode and now you can disconect CAS4.

For first prepare CANEMU board: solder 1 and 3 configuration points – look picture. Use fine KYNAR wire for installation.
BMW CAS4 installation instructions-1

BMW CAS4 installation instructions-2
Open CAS4. Install CANEMU board like in picture:
BMW CAS4 installation instructions-3

BMW CAS4 installation instructions-4

BMW CAS4 installation instructions-5
Now install CAS4 back to the car. Switch ignition and check car – everything must be like before CANEMU instalation.
Remove instrument cluster and change mileage in 160DQWQ EEPROM.

For all car electronic system fault memory erase use BMW F-series fault codes eraser.

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