Touareg r5 mileage correction with digiprog 3 v4.94 spring sale

I know it is ok that Touareg r5 2.5 year 2004 mileage correction with digiprog 3 v4.94. While I failed to do it at beginning but finally sorted it out, so I would like to share here my experience and hope it helps who have the same problem.

Car model and year:

Touareg r5 2.5 year 2004
No. pièce: 7L6 920 881 A
cheap EEPROM 24C08
connect by obd

Mileage correction tool to use:
with digiprog3 4.94 clone

What I tried to do and failed:

I Select – car/truck then vw then touareg 2002-2010 but my model is not from obd from obd is only 2007 and my touareg is 2004 chip eeromp 24c08 but i dont whant to do my car from 24c08 i just whnat to do it with plug16 but in my digiprog3 4.94M not suport, and you told me that your toureg 2004 you do it plug 16 so please which version of your instrument cluster and your digiprog?


I was suggested “You may have a faulty obd cable then.. Should work with the -2007 (Before 2007) option… Or try reflowing connector on digi had this before”

I think the cable is ok because his show the model of cluster instument 7l6…81a and than show read no connection。


Finally solution:

Open the cluster and read eeprom 24c08….may be that help you… otherwise, just contact your supplier.